Acquiring new clients or customer is pivotal part of any service based company. But there are foolish mistakes made by sales executives while in conversation with a potential client that can cause loosing them. What do i mean by that? We have decades of sales call techniques practiced worldwide which has been working in the past. But as it happens when same technique applied by lot of companies, clients become ignorant. Think about it, when credit card call from banks or mobile phone company calls you or me all the person on the other side of the phone sound similar. How do we respond to that? Exactly my point.

So today we want to share some important questions that sales executives ask to the potential clients which pretty much guarantees negative response.


Q1: Can I offer you XYZ?

When someone offer something to the client right away, most of the cases it will get rejected immediately. If the sales person behaves and sounds like a waiter, other person will treat them exactly like that. Rather than we need to research whether the client is interested in our service prior to the call and deploy a solid strategy to engage them.


Q2: Do you have a minute?

Whenever someone ask this question in a phone call, we immediately guess that it is sales call and automatically we go into defence mood. It’s sounds like a person selling on a local bus, that’s not good at all. You need more than a minute to close a deal, in short your credibility is gone by having lied to him. Even though it is not the best, using something along like “Is it a good time to talk? Am I catching you in a bad time” is a pretty bad question. Instead we need know the client by asking questions related to our service or offering. What they already use, are they happy with it.


Q3: Would you like some time to think about it?

Delay kills sales, sometimes you have to push and lead them to the right decisions. Let them see the value and show them how it may solve their needs or problems. A good sales person should me a master of presenting the benefit of the service.

Q4: Would you like a proposal or quote?

Now you are chasing your clients, chances are they will say no. Instead they should present your service in a way that the client ask this question themselves.


Q5: Can i send you an email?

If you are talking with the client, close the deal on the phone. If you can’t close the deal on the phone or face to face, what makes you believe that the sale will happen by email. The sales person should be counting on your ability, experience and charisma to close the deal.


Q6: Are you looking to buy today?

People hate to be sold, they love to buy. Instead ask: “Where should we go from here?” or better “When can we start serving you” Closing is nothing more than asking the right prospect, the right questions at the right time.


Bottom line is understanding the customer and framing your service is the key point is a cold call.  Remember…

  • No one wants a vacuum cleaner – what they want is a clean carpet.
  • No one wants a grill – what they want is great tasting food, and the ambiance of sitting outside and maybe enjoying the sunset.
  • No one wants golf lessons – what they want is to be really really good at golf.
  • No one wants a plane ticket – what they want is an efficient and comfortable way to get to their destination.

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