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You are visiting this page that means you are interested in more sales and getting more customers i mean who doesn’t?

or may be you want to increase your brand value and reach more customer which is awesome.


But first let me tell you some brutally honest truth. We, Bangladeshi average people want the result of an Eiffel tower but we are not ready to spend the time and money to build the Eiffel tower. In this busy and fast world we want quick yet seek the best result. That is exactly what your customer is expecting from you. 

Luckily with online marketing we can reach thousands of targeted people within a day and get response which wasn’t possible few years ago. But here is the thing, competition is increasing day by day here as well and fast. As long as people can [will] take advantage of the system or all those uneducated people who thinks they can sell anything with a click of a button try their hands on, competition will increase. And when competition goes high, price goes up.

Good news is we don’t have to a part of this nasty race. Because we are here to not only create a good experience for our customers but also create a communication network where we can follow up a customer whenever we want without getting them angry, which is exactly the mistake most of the business today are making. Just remember the call from your bank or insurance or look at your sms offers, you’ll know that i am telling the truth.

My name is Aref and after spending more than a decade in film an advertising industry i fortunately embarked on the digital marketing journey where i

Areful Eeslam – Awarded at Women eCommerce Festival, 2018

not only created business for myself overseas in multiple platform but also helped lot of individuals and organizations to establish their business online.

So, What are we offering?

Let me take back to where we began. More sales, customers or brand value online. That is exactly what we are offering. You see we can’t afford to ignore the fact is offline B2C business model is getting low response every year and retail business is becoming more expensive to maintain. In the same scenario eCommerce is getting more and more response from customers and proving to be one of the most effective soon will be the most effective way to generate sales.

But as i already mentioned we want to stay away from the mass hysteria of small and uneducated business people eating each others share like a vulture, instead we are proposing to create a customer base who will be responsive to the brand and the products/services sales will increase as well.

Having said that doing will be not so easy. It requires a well planned marketing strategy which goes long term and integrate lots of cutting edge software which are not easy to operate. It is also required to create social media and search engine marketing funnel and lots of content.

We are here to give you all the services mentioned above, so the guess work is eliminated for you and you can concentrate on the customer response, production, management, support etc. Before you consider hiring us we would like to offer you one free business consultation report. This offer is only for the committed business people who are decision maker of the company.

If you are interested please consider a phone conversation with me by booking your suitable appointment below. If you have any question feel free to email us, i will reply you within 24hr. Email us at or send us a message in our page by clicking here.

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Thank you for your time and patience.


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