A Simple Way To Get More Customers

If you own a business, you probably want more business, right? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a business owner say, “Nope, I’ve really got enough now, thanks.” So assuming you want more business, this article is for you.

If your tummy’s full, please move along now.

If not, and you’d like some more customers, please, let’s talk about your landing page architecture.

Where is Your Landing Page?

Raise your hand if you think your Home page is the most important page, bar none, on your website. Most people do. It’s what many people try to get found on Google for their primary key terms. (OK you can put your hand down now.)

My philosophy is just the opposite. The Home page is probably one of the least important pages on your site for the following reasons:

  • It’s typically got very little content on it, so it’s difficult to optimize
  • People aren’t going to automatically land there when they come into your website. Assuming you’ve done a good job of optimizing the rest of your website, hopefully people are wandering into other pages. (Then they look at your home page.)
  • It’s the last place you want to send your paid marketing because the home page is too generic from what you’re offering on the PPC (pay per click) campaign or paid press release.

So instead, let’s think about your website as a whole. Pretty much every page on your site is a potential entry point, or “landing page” — a place where someone may “land” when they enter from:

  • Google or the other search engines
  • Links in your social media to your blog posts
  • PPC clicks
  • E-mail newsletter links

The more pages you have, the more “landing pages” or points of entry you have to your website. This is why blog posts are so awesome.

Soft or Hard Landing When They Arrive?

Do you give those that land there a soft landing that tells them how to do business with you? Or do you make it a hard landing where they have to figure it out?

Think about how you want your customers to engage with you. What’s the easiest thing for them to do to connect with your business?

  • Do you want them to phone you?
  • Sign up for your newsletter?
  • Download your free report?
  • Ask for a free quote?

Now look at every page on your site, or at least a reasonable sampling.

Let’s say you want people to call you. Is your phone number at the very top of every single page in large, bold lettering, and a different color than your website or the rest of the text, that makes it super easy to figure it out? Or do you have it at the very bottom of the page, in a tiny font? 54% (over HALF) of your visitors will never scroll, so you’ll lose half of them right there. Or worse, do you have your phone number buried on the website only to be found on the Contact Us page?

Make sure that every single page on your site has a clear “call-to-action” that makes it super easy for people to figure out how to connect with you. You never know where people will “land” when they come to check you out, and this one simple thing can help lower the barrier to doing business with you.

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